West Gippsland Seedbank Association Inc.
ABN: 70 067 057 631 

  • To collect seed ethically, then dry, clean and store seed according to best practice.
  • To provide local provenance seed to South Gippsland Seedbank. This seed is then available for general sale.
  • To encourage community members to plant indigenous species in the environmental projects.
  • To increase the knowledge of people in the community about the collection, germination and storage of local seed. 
Working happily as a team in the field collecting E. radiata
  Inside our temperature controlled container logging collection data in readiness for drying.
  Team working together cleaning seed  for one      specific species 
When dried, seed is removed from
the container ready to be cleaned
After date entry, seed is placed  into  'Species Labelled' containers for temporary cool storage  
 Once cleaned, seed is weighed, labelled and all data entered 
On location with landowner identifying species for potential collection