West Gippsland Seedbank Association Inc. Warragul 
ABN: 70 067 057 631 


As from October 31, 2019, West Gippsland Seedbank will no longer sell seed directly. We will remain as the collectors of local seed that will be available for sale from the South Gippsland Seedbank.

All orders and enquiries should be directed to:
             ~ South Gippsland Seedbank ~ 


Members of Landcare groups in West Gippsland joined forces in 2007 to set up a new non-profit, Community Seedbank.

The importance of maintaining the diversity of indigenous seeds was recognised, and the Seedbank was set up to supply a provenance based seed supply for revegetation projects.

From November 1st 2019, local provenance seed will continue to be collected by us and will be supplied to South Gippsland Seedbank for sale. 

All seed is ethically collected then cleaned and stored using best practice protocols. Along with careful data management, we ensure a supply of high quality, provenance based seed, which is genetically diverse. 

 Sth Gippsland Seedbank is open Thusrsdays 9.00am to 12:00pm
  Acacia Dealbata  
  Epacris Impressa   
 18 - 20 Ashenden Street Leongatha
 5622 2453
Postal Address:
 PO Box 419 Leongatha 3953
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 Dianela Revoluta   
  Olearia Lirata   
  Indigofera Australis  
  Goodia Lotifolia